Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photoraphy for interior design products
Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photography for custom interior design products:  fabric, furniture, lit displays, window and wall coverings, lighting for yachts, residential, business, healthcare interiors and architecture

About Us, Mission, pricing, prints, environmental, copyright, Voices of the Earth inspirational underwater photographyVOICES OF THE EARTH communicates with the design community periodically, through our NATURE-gram, a sharing of thoughts on nature and design. We let you know about the new ways we are developing to help designers create experiences that engage people with the natural world. We also showcase our most recent work and newest portfolio images.

Past Postings:

Nature Transforms Interiors (Jan 2012)
We have some exciting news and images to share with you.

At the Heart of Design (July 2011)

Let Nature bring you "Home."  When we walk into an interior that makes us feel "at-home" we are entering a space that uniquely inspires innovation, cultivates creativity and universally forms connection.  This article provides the first steps to creating these special interiors.

Backlit Sea And Stone (June 2011)
VOICES OF THE EARTH and GPI Design show you the natural pairing of backlit underwater images with backlit stone.

A New Design Paradigm (October 2010)

The forefront of the design world is reaching beyond LEED certification and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to a new paradigm of nature-based designs that Resonate with our beliefs, Reinforce our commitment and encourage Right action. That’s not the future, that’s today; it’s essential and it’s arguably an irresistible force… of nature.

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