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For those of you joining us for the first time, we welcome you.  For those who have helped us to grow and inspire others, we thank you.  


I am grateful for your interest in the multitude of ways VOICES OF THE EARTH helps architects, interior designers and art consultants create built environments inspired by nature.


I have some exciting news and images to share with you.

  • In addition to our undersea imagery, VOICES OF THE EARTH now provides close-up images of stone.  We have added internationally acclaimed stone photographer Mark Graf to our atelier.  His work can be seen below along with more images on our website in Gallery III.     
When your goal is to create designs that resonate on a deeply authentic level, that engage your client on an experiential plane, our unique natural imagery will achieve that.  I look forward to helping you bring nature's designs to your clients.

May the New Year be filled with opportunities to create community through nature's inspiration. 


Robin Acker Bush

President and Founder

Voices of the Earth

January 2012



Mark Graf Stone Imagery

Mark Graf is an world renowned nature photographer who brings his portfolio of stone imagery to VOICES OF THE EARTH.  Mark seeks parallels between the close-up sections of stone he photographs and what he sees in the broader landscape around him, drawing us into the mysterious ways in which nature repeats patterns.  His imagery connects the small to the grand, symbolic of the connection each one of us has to all of us.  One of Mark's guiding quotes is from John Muir, who in 1869 said,

"When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe."
Graf 8904
Graf 8905

© 2011 Mark Graf
Graf 8800
Graf 9216
Graf 9222
© 2011 Mark Graf
Graf 8737Graf 8760 





© 2011 Mark Graf

Graf 8946

Graf 9168

© 2011 Mark Graf


Healthcare Update

Voices of the Earth images bring nature's healing to Western Washington Medical Group's new cardiology office.


TGB Architects selected our imagery for their design of this specialized, evolving medical practice.  The physicians at Western Washington Medical Group's cardiology department approach healing in a unique, highly personal manner, one that builds a close relationship between the patient, their family, the community and the entire medical team that will help the patient lead a fuller, healthier and longer life.  They felt close-up natural imagery would be inspirational and healing and would help their patients to understand, as soon as they walked into the office, that they were in the hands of an inspired team of doctors. 


The vinyl wallpaper used is Greenguard certified for its low VOC emissions.  It contains 30% recycled content with a minimum of 20% post-consumer waste.  4 PET bottles are used in each yard of the wall paper.  Our manufacturing partner accepts the material after use as part of their reclamation program. All packaging materials are recyclable. This material can contribute up to 6 LEED credits.

WWMG 1,2,3
© 2011 Voices of the Earth
WWMG 2,3
© 2011 Voices of the Earth
WWMG 4 and 5
© 2011 Voices of the Earth


Yachting Update
© 2011 Voices of the Earth
© 2011 Voices of the Earth

Our images grace the walls of signature yachts and bring the inspiration of the undersea world on-board.   


Atlantic Yacht Nordic is now featuring our imagery on their custom yachts.  Clients  may choose any image from our extensive portfolio.  We then team with the yacht interior designer to select the best materials for each application.


In large yachts our imagery can be used throughout the ship in table tops, framed acoustic wall panels, backlit plexi that can be paired with backlit natural stone, fabric, wall and ceiling coverings, etched and carved glass, as well as HD monitors that can also appear as mirrors. 




International Expansion

Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design provides sourcing and procurement services primarily to Architects and Interior Designers in the Middle East region. Joseph is an Interior Designer with international experience in project and design management, with specific expertise in the Middle East region. Joseph presents a family of premium brands with includes Clive Christian, Bolier, Christopher Guy, Baccarat and VOICES OF THE EARTH.  He can be reached at +1.312.451.1544 or by email at:  joseph@josephszymczak.com.


I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your project and to participate in creative discussions about how our imagery can help you engage new clients.

It is my hope that our images continue to provide you with nature's inspiration both personally and professionally.

We'd be grateful if you would forward this email to your design associates and share it on your social networking sites.  Thank you for helping us grow. 
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