June 2010

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We are developing new ways to help designers create experiences that engage people with the natural world.  Today we bring you a unique pairing of backlit sea and stone. 

We look forward to helping you integrate nature's inspiration in your designs. 


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Robin Bush


Voices of the Earth

June 2011 



Illuminating Underwater Images  

Brings New Experiential Engagement


Interior and architectural designers are eager to expand their range of choices, looking simultaneously to past tradition and emerging technology for evocative new ways to engage clients and visitors alike, thereby differentiating themselves in the design sector.   


Recognizing a natural synergy between lighting effects and underwater imagery, Voices of the Earth has selected GPI Design, industry experts in the fabrication and engineering of innovative backlit features, to provide LED backlighting and structural design in the illumination of our images.  


yellow wall

 c. 2011  Underwater photo by Robin Acker Bush, room photo by Ron Blunt


GPI will also be using backlit natural stone finishes to complement our imagery.  This reveals new opportunities for designers in the healthcare, corporate, spa and hospitality industries to create warm and inviting experiences that welcome and engage visitors.  When translated into wall panels, ceilings, water features, or artistic murals, our underwater images, paired with natural stone, breathe life into interior space in a unique and authentic manner.  By bringing nature indoors, we inspire a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world.


GPI 2 full wall

c. 2011 Underwater photo by Chris Newbert, room photo by L. Alexandra Giamanco   

GPI's wealth of experience in crafting illumination solutions for all types of translucent materials provides a customized lighting solution for any image in the Voices of the Earth portfolio.   

"From a photographer's perspective, properly showcasing the image to engage and comfort the viewer is paramount. The team at GPI has the expertise and range of methods to preserve color rendition, eliminate any structural shadows, blend the light, and animate the lighting with control systems. This yields a glowing image with little evidence of technological manipulation, thus lending an even deeper and engaging quality to the artwork.  It used to be enough just to display images in a space, now it is how that imagery is seen and experienced that transforms our connection with the people and purpose we came there for." - Robin Bush



c. 2011 underwater photo by Chris Newbert, room photo by Ron Blunt   


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 Robin Acker Bush







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