October 2010


The desire to bring nature into interiors is a concept as old as ancient Greece. What’s new is how technological advancements now make it possible. Recently, the choices were which image, what frame and where to hang it on the wall. Now, the images can be the wall, or ceiling or room divider. They can be acoustically absorbent; they can be LED lit panels with motion sensors that will activate the illumination. They can be water features; they can be projected to create three-dimensional environments. They can be laser etched into glass or metal. They can be displayed on HD monitors that, when turned off, look like mirrors. And new environmentally responsible substrates and printing processes are being introduced with astounding rapidity. We already have fabric made from recycled PET bottles, "no VOC" inks, waterless fabric dying without toxic by-products, water features without evaporation... to name just a few.

Today, technology enables better ways to bring nature indoors and to do it for important reasons. The forefront of the design world is reaching beyond LEED certification and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to a new paradigm of nature-based designs that Resonate with our beliefs, Reinforce our commitment and encourage Right action. That’s not the future, that’s today; it’s essential and it’s arguably an irresistible force …of nature.


We have a new collaboration with Atlantic Yachts in Europe to bring our imagery "on board" in their custom yacht designs.

We continue to team with new suppliers to bring our imagery to your clients in innovative ways:

...water walls, that are either open or enclosed to protect against evaporation,

...acoustically absorbent panels,

...laser etched glass, in clear or color adding patterns of nature to windows, shower glass or doors,

...immersive environments in either 2D or 3D including digital projection, multi-channel sound, specialized lighting and animation.

Robin Acker Bush has recently been interviewed by Henry Domke of Henry Domke Fine Art: Nature Art for Healthcare. Henry Domke is a highly respected leader in the field whose nature photography has appeared in hundreds of healthcare facilities nationwide.
See: http://www.healthcarefineart.com/2010/09/featured-artist-robin-bush.html

Cassandra Tondro, an acclaimed eco-friendly painter, has just published an article about VOICES OF THE EARTH for her widely followed web-based series on Green Design.
See: http://cassandratondro.blogspot.com/2010/09/robin-acker-bush-voices-of-earth.html

New images are on our website http://www.VoicesoftheEarth.com Gallery 2, Page 3. Here are a few examples of imagery by one of our most distinguished photographers, award winning Chris Newbert:

Let our DESIGNS BY NATURE speak to you.
Let us bring you home.

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