Voices of the Earth Designs by Nature
Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photography for custom interior design products:  fabric, furniture, lit displays, window and wall coverings, lighting for yachts, residential, business, healthcare interiors and architecture
What We Do Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underater photgraphy for interior design


VOICES OF THE EARTH reproduces our fine art nature photography into custom architectural and interior design products and experiential environments, for business, healthcare, hospitality, public, yachting and residential spaces.  We collaborate with architects, interior designers and art consultants to fulfill their design visions and specifications. 

We replicate our fine art nature photography in materials that include, but are not limted to: 

Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Tiles
Wall and Ceiling Coverings
Fabric Panels
Wall and Ceiling Tatoo
Electronic Technologies
Illuminated Surfaces
Backlit Images with Backlit Stone
Murals and Wallpaper
Glass or Acrylic
Room Dividers
Projected Experiential Environments
Fine Art Giclée Prints

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We provide the imagery, consultation on optimal reproduction processes and materials, and manage production of each custom product.  We have done extensive research and thorough testing utilizing top-of-the-line reproduction technologies to deliver world class results.  Our production partners are located around the globe, but our dlients only have to make one call -- to us.  We do all the rest.

"Nature has the unique power to create connection.  All living creatures thrive through their relationships.  Images by VOICES OF THE EARTH connect us spatially and experientially to the natural world.  By seeing the tiniest organism in large scale, we experience ourselves not as tiny unrelated specs in the large technological windstorm, but rather as vital participants in the global miracle, caring for each other, allowing each of us to rise and become the best we can be.  Immersed in nature, we feel more a part of the world in which we live, we engage with our surroundings and each other -- creatively and collaboratively".

            -- Robin Acker Bush, Founder of VOICES OF THE EARTH


products can be found in:

Business and Public Spaces     

Residential, Hotel and Marine

Healthcare Facilities
   imagery for textiles, furniture, fine art, banners, murals, room dividers, window and wall coverings for architects and interior designers

All Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art nature photography © 2013 Robin Acker Bush / Voices of the Earth or various artists as indicated.  All rights reserved.