Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photoraphy for interior design products
Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photography for custom interior design products:  fabric, furniture, lit displays, window and wall coverings, lighting for yachts, residential, business, healthcare interiors and architecture

About Us, Mission, pricing, prints, environmental, copyright, Voices of the Earth inspirational underwater photography We reproduce our fine art nature photography into custom designed installations, collaborating with architects, interior designers and art consultants to fulfill their creative visions.  We work with a vast array of materials and processes to achieve premium luxury results.  Once the designer's concept and budget are defined, our team of visionary artisans, scientists, technology experts, and engineers create and deliver custom image reproductions of exceptional quality.  To order, please call us to discuss your project.

We reproduce our fine art underwater and stone photography into materials that include, but are not limited to:

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Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Tiles
Images are reproduced onto fabric using high-definition, wide format printers, then stretched around frames with an acoustical core.
  Sound waves travel thorough the weave of the fabic maintaining the acoustic value of the panel.  Panels can be hung on walls or ceilings or fitted into acoustic ceiling grids.  Panels can also be framed and can be designed for interchageable imagery.  Frames can be built to fit any space or shape.  Patterns can be repeated or mirrored with exact matching at seams.  Panels are 1/2" to 2" deep. 

Fabric Wall and Ceiling Coverings
Wall and ceiling coverings can be made from translucent, opaque, or acoustical fabric and are stretched over aluminum framing.  The tension system guarantees perfect uniformity and flatness.  These are precisely fitted around lighting fixtures, venting and unique angles. This material is usable in water environments and is unaffected by damp or chlorinated environments.  The fabric is anti-static and will not attract dust like many other surfaces.  Fabric is available in widths up to 16' 4".  If images are changed periodically those not in use can be folded for storage without damage and later re-hung.  The acoustic covering has 250,000 micro perforations per square meter plus a specifically adapted sound absorber ensures up to 90% of the surrounding noise is eliminated.  Adjusts to curved or sloping shapes.  IMO rated for marine installations. Material is PVC free. Fabrics can be recycled post project lifecycle.  No VOC's are added or created during the manufacturing process.  Printed to order so no waste material is generated.  See examples here.

Fabric Panels

Fabric panels can be front lit or back lit, framed or wrapped. Images can be permanently installed or easily interchangeable.  Even images up to 32' x 10' can be changed by one person with no special equipment or technical skills. Images can be removed and washed in a standard washing machine. Rolling partition walls can be created from these panels to create cubicle and room dividers.  Light boxes can be single or dual-sided.  Printed images are waterproof.

Electronic Technologies
Mirrors that convert to HD displays use an LCD screen up to 65 inches.  Self-contained speakers can be added with waterproof remotes.  Ultra thin styling.

Single or multi-monitor wall displays can be created using HD monitors.

Projected environments that can be programmed to change over time can animate walls and ceilings as art display space.

Teleconferencing monitors can transform to art displays when not in conference use.


Fabric can be printed in yardage to custom lengths.  Eco or fine fabrics: ultra suede, silk, linen, canvas, cotton, polyester, plush, velvet are available.  All fabrics are designed to meet the safety and performance standards required in the contract furnishings market.  Durability and FR tested.  Some fabrics available are IMO certified.   Printed fabrics are available with a soil resistant finish to help maintain the appearance of fabrics in high usage contract environments.  Virtually no water is used in the printing process and fabric is printed to order so no waste material is created.

Backlit Images with Backlit Stone
Custom illuminated features combine LED backlit stone on frames with backlit images on health-grade acrylic or fabric.  Engineered and manufactured to meet exact specifications, controlling joints, seams, trims and decorative finishes.  Full service from design, engineering, fabrication and installation. The lIghting system used has a lifespan of 70,000 hours (longer when dimmed), generates no heat and has low power consuption (70% savings over traditional light boxes).  Stone slices are extremely thin, reducing the amount of material used.
See examples here.

Glass or Acrylic
Images can be printed or etched onto glass or acrylic for windows, shower doors, skylights, partitions, tables, cabinets and privacy walls around spas.  Panels can be produced using "self-cleaning" glass with a photocatalytic coating chemically bonded to the exterior surface of the glass.  This coating reacts with the sun's ultraviolet rays to loosen dirt from the surface.  This glass also has hydrophilic properties which allows rain to flow down as a sheet washing away the dirt.  The result is glass that stays cleaner longer in applications where it is exposed to rain.  Images can be finished with hand carved enhancements.  Image patterns can also be laser etched into glass or acrylic with or without color. Images can also be printed directly onto acrylic either single or dual-sided.

Projected Experiential

Images can be projected onto walls or ceilings to create fully immersive installations. Images can change gradually over time. Two and three dimensional environments can be created with and without animation.


Waterwalls can be created with fully exposed water or enclosed in acrylic to protect from evaporation.  Images are either inserted inside the water or behind it, with and without backlighting.

Fine Art Giclée Prints
Museum quality, archival pigment prints available on 100% cotton paper or canvas, printed by master printer makers.  Images can be matted and framed or frameless.  Frameless images are mounted onto hard laminate board and coated with acrylic for longevity in high traffic areas or where framing under glass is not desirable.

Images are mounted and resin coated for an ultra-smooth surface.  These can then be inlaid into bars, countertops, desks, dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, conference tables and headboards. Specialized sustainable woods can be utilized for these custom crafted pieces.  Resin coating is non-flammable and food safe.  Tables can also be produced with images that are lit-from below and rheostat adjustable for subtle room lighting. See examples here.

Wall and Ceiling Tattoo
Images are printed onto Tattoo for direct-to-wall application for curved, domed or flat surfaces. Tattoos can also wrap around doorframes and fixtures and can be applied to any surface of any size. Requires no preliminary wall treatment.  Adapts well to irregular surfaces.  Guaranteed for stability and color fastness and against flaking, peeling or powdering for ten years on interiors and two years on exteriors.

Light boxes

Single or dual-sided, LED or florescent, light boxes are custom sized, in depths ranging from 1/2" to 4" and can be curved to match wall curvature.  Images are printed directly onto health-grade acrylic or onto fabric.  Light boxes can be wall or ceiling hung or built into walls or room dividers.  These can be controlled by rheostat. See examples here.

Illuminated Surfaces

Walls, ceilings, columns, bars, reception desks and more can be created with internal illumination. Images can also be custom framed in illuminated materials.

Murals and Wallpaper
Murals can be of any size and can be fabric, vinyl or non-vinyl.  Wallpaper is available in a variety of surfaces; some are marine certified materials. The non-vinyl wallcovering contains no PVC, heavy metals, platicizers or chlorine and is printed using water based inks that are chlorine free and do not contain vinyl resins.  The manufacturing process used no ozone depleting chemicals.  It has earned Cradle to Cradle Certification at the silver tier for healthy and sustainable product design.  This wallcovering is also Greenspec listed as an environmentally preferable product choice for green building initiatives.  See examples here.

Room Dividers

Cubicle dividers, room dividers, screens, diptych and triptych fixed or moveable panels are available.


Images are reproduced onto glass or porcelain tile of various sizes for use in spas, bathrooms and pool areas.

Let Nature be your inspiration...

Whatever your vision, we will help you create it.

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