Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photoraphy for interior design products
Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photography for custom interior design products:  fabric, furniture, lit displays, window and wall coverings, lighting for yachts, residential, business, healthcare interiors and architecture

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Undersea Trend in Design for 2012 by Scarlet Opus
Eco-Chic Fine Art for Gulf Design Market

"Undersea is a significant current trend in design: Scarlet Opus, trend forecasters for the design industry, has identified the work of VOICES OF THE EARTH as being a prominent component of design for 2012. For more information and a detailed report contact Scarlet Opus at: www.trendsblog.co.uk

"It was important to us that we were able to visually communicate the mysteries of the deep sea, of the array of colour spectrums, fascinating textures and creatures in our world’s oceans. To do this we looked no further than VOICES OF THE EARTH because they so brilliantly capture these very elements and so they became a central building block in the construction of the Trend Board." —Shelley Pond, Creative Director, Scarlet Opus

Trend Forecasting
explained by Scarlet Opus:

"Trend Forecasting is a powerful tool that presents not only a reliable view of future design trends but also provides you with the confidence and reassurance that your creative and business decisions are informed decisions. Trend Forecasting is a discipline involving skills from the worlds of both Design and Social Science. Our comprehensive research of a broad spectrum of global social issues, planned future events and latest concept designs is brought together for analysis and translation in order to reliably predict the future design trends for Interiors. These issues affect the mood in society, consumers changing values, priorities and interests and, ultimately, they influence the products and styles people will want in their homes and expect from hotels and retail environments in the future."

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Eco-Chic Fine Art for Gulf Design Market

Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design announces exclusive international representation for VOICES OF THE EARTH fine art images.

Dubai, UAE, October 13, 2011 - Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design announces the exclusive international representation of VOICES OF THE EARTH - Designs by Nature, a collaboration of world-class nature photographers. This marks the company’s entree into the dynamic architectural and interior design arena of the GCC and underscores their commitment to making sustainable, earth friendly design elements available to international specifiers and designers through a product range built on their fine art images.

VOICES OF THE EARTH, an atelier in Langley, Washington, USA produces architectural and interior design features utilizing the groups expansive portfolio of pristine images captured from undersea and other natural environs for bespoke residential, business, healthcare, hospitality, and public spaces projects.

The prestigious group was founded by Robin Acker Bush, an award winning nature photographer and environmental documentary film producer and director. She is the visionary that drives the company to reach beyond what has been done in the past to what is achievable today. Robin is a leader in the growing field of environmentally responsible image reproduction technologies. Her career has been dedicated to using art as a lens through which to focus public attention on the preservation of our environment and inspire stewardship. She is personally involved in the implementation of every project and Robin expresses her passion this way, “Through our work, we bring the transformational power of the natural world indoors, infusing interiors with life, illuminating space and inspiring well-being.” Robin’s work on the economic benefits of environmental sustainability have been presented in universities world-wide.

Joseph Szymczak comments, “The choice to enter the Middle East contract and residential design market is in response to a mounting interest for this product category as a result of designer’s demand for eco-friendly products that are in tune with sustainable lifestyle and design practices, which VOICES OF THE EARTH considers central to their business ethic. I will be presenting their images and vision as an invited speaker during INDEX DUBAI 2011 Design Talks series on Sustainable Interior Design on October 24th.”

“Their vision is to reflect nature’s perfection as a metaphor for our connection to the earth and our community. Designers know that people respond to things that deliver an experience and that is what we hope to promote,” adds Joseph Szymczak, founder of the sourcing, design and procurement company, Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design, based from Chicago in the USA. Joseph injects, “As a designer with project experience in the Gulf, I am inspired by the power of the images to communicate, they are brilliantly abstracted and have universal appeal. There is no limit to the application for these images in hospitality or spa environments, but that’s only the obvious beginning. I am especially excited to bring this company into our premium brand family which we market to Architects and Interior Designers to the world-wide design community as part of our increasing awareness of and effort to promote sustainability in interior design.”

Associate Photographer’s Brief Bios

Chris Newbert brings artistic excellence to the group. Since taking up underwater photography in 1972, Chris has won over 30 awards in international underwater photographic competitions. His photos have appeared in over 300 books and magazines worldwide. LIFE magazine listed him among other world renown photographers in their Anniversary edition article titled, “150 years of Photography, Pictures That Made a Difference,” making Chris the only underwater nature photographer among the elite group.

Birgitte Wilms’ underwater images have been published in the prestigious German water photographic magazine UWF, including never before photographed species of marine life. Many of her photographs have appeared in German and English marine life identification books. The National Wildlife Federation has published several of Birgitte's pictures in their coffee table book entitled, “Patterns.” She has collaborated on a book, “In a Sea of Dreams” with Chris Newbert and is currently working on a children’s book series featuring her undersea photography.

Mark Graf is a widely published nature photographer with more than 15 years experience capturing fine art nature images. With interest in a wide range of nature subjects, his lens has drawn him to explore natural wonders in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, to wildlife and majestic landscapes of Alaska, to intimate details and patterns formed over millennia in stone. Mark’s new series of astounding images for the VOICES OF THE EARTH portfolio include his very close looks at microscopic landscapes in stone, which he considers symbolic of nature’s process of starting small, and then expanding beyond imagination.

About Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design

Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design provides expedited sourcing and procurement services primarily to Architects and Interior Designers in the U.S. and Middle East region’s design business community from their stateside offices in Chicago, IL, USA. Joseph is an Interior Designer with international experience in turn-key project and fit-out management with specific knowledge of the GCC having been based in Saudi Arabia for 8 years. His expertise in the Gulf market led to the formation of a company that presents a premium brand family which includes Clive Christian, Bolier, Christopher Guy, VOICES OF THE EARTH, Baccarat and others to specifiers of hotel, residential, and various private projects. Information on any of these companies is available upon request and by visiting the website below.


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