Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photoraphy for interior design products
Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art underwater photography for custom interior design products:  fabric, furniture, lit displays, window and wall coverings, lighting for yachts, residential, business, healthcare interiors and architecture

About Us, Mission, pricing, prints, environmental, copyright, Voices of the Earth inspirational underwater photographyOur Mission
VOICES OF THE EARTH exists to bring nature into business and personal environments to foster understanding of global connection, inspire innovation, and return the timeless beauty of nature to our lives.

sea clam, ocean images for interior design environmentls, sustainable green desgin, healthcare fine art, experiential design, environmental psychology, biophilia, biomimicry
Our Commitment
*  Exceeding Customer Expectations

*  Impeccable Quality and Durability

*  Environmental Preservation.

About Our Images
VOICES OF THE EARTH award-winning images have been photographed in:
The Pacific: 
Palau, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea.

The Caribbean: 
crinoid, healing environment, healthcare fine art, sustainable green design, eeriential design, environmental psychology, biophilia, biomimicryThe Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman,
Little Cayman, Cayman Brac), Cozumel,
Bonaire, Curacao, Turks and Caicos.

The United States: 
Northern and Southern California,
Hawaii, Wyoming, Southeast Alaska.

Our Environmental Message
We continually reduce our environmental footprint in every aspect of our business and require our suppliers to share that goal. Environmentally responsible image reproduction technologies are rapidly replacing older processes; materials are incorporating higher recycled and/or organic contents; packaging and water use is being reduced and we assist our customers with the recycling of any removable materials after they have fulfilled their usefulness. Not every image reproduction technology or substrate is 100% “green” yet. We constantly research and test new advancements to bring increasingly sustainable products to our clients.

VOICES OF THE EARTH products provide the tools today's designers need to differentiate themselves in our greening world by moving beyond "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" to incorporate nature-based products that Resonate our beliefs, Reinforce our commitment and fulfill our Responsibility to create a better world. We stand with our clients to make a difference.

Our images have been photographed by world-renowned nature photographers who present their work globally at speaking engagements as a platform for expanding the use of nature’s designs in the built environment and communicating the need for environmental awareness in all aspects of business.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.
Mahatma Gandhi

Who We Are
We have an atelier of world-renowned, award-wining fine art photographers whose work we draw upon to meet the imagery needs of every client. 

Robin Acker Bush -- Founder and President of VOICES OF THE EARTH
Robin is an award-winning nature photographer and environmental documentary film producer and director.  She is a leader in the field of Nature in Design and is the visionary that drives the company to explore beyond what we can to today into what we can achieve tomorrow.   Robin also manages product development and is continually raising the bar for green operations.  Every VOICES OF THE EARTH project meets her high standards for exceptional image reproduction and materials.  For a full profile on Robin please see her TED community profile. Robin's images are found in Gallery I-A and I-B. Full bio of Robin Acker Bush.

Chris Newbert and Birgitte Wilms -- distinguished underwater photographers
Chris and Birgitte's fine art photographs have received a multitude of awards around the globe, redefining underwater photographic excellence. Their inspirational underwater photography is brought into interior design and architecture by VOICES OF THE EARTH, to create living, healing and working environments inspired by nature. Chris Newbert and Birgitte Wilms' underwater photography uncovers nature's miracles, designs and palettes and is a fountain of inspiration that nourishes us at our deepest and most profound level. Chris and Birgitte's images can be found in Gallery II. Full bio of Chris Newbert. Full bio of Birgitte Wilms.

Mark Graf -- creative stone photography
Mark is an internationally published fine art nature photographer. He seeks parallels between the close-up sections of stone he photographs and what he sees in the broader landscape around him drawing us into the mysterious ways in which nature repeats patterns. His imagery connects the small to the grand, symbolic of the connection each one of us has to all of us. One of his guiding quotes is from John Muir who in 1869 said, "When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe." Mark's images can be found in Gallery III. Full bio of Mark Graf.

Joseph Szymczak -- Middle East Representative
Joseph Szymczak of Joseph Szymczak Exquisite Sourcing + Design, represents VOICES OF THE EARTH in the Middle East Region.  He is an interior designer with international experience in turn-key project and design managment.  He provides expedited sourcing and procurement services to architects and interior designers in the Middle East region.  VOICES OF THE EARTH is among the premium brand family Joesph presents, which includes Clive Christian, Bolier, Christopher Guy and Baccarat. Full bio of Joseph Szymczak.

Our Book
Our book, "Voices of the Earth" is a small format hard-cover collection of inspirational imagery by Robin Acker Bush..
Click for a preview and ordering.

Our Production Process
Our print and fabrication partners are the best in the world, selected for their skill, artistry, research and delivery capabilities.  Our products are extensively tested and we utilize top-of-the-line technologies and materials.

Product Pricing
Our pricing is as custom as our products. When determining the price for our products we strive to select the best materials that will achieve the vision of our clients within their budget. We factor in cost of materials, distribution, size, use, volume, artist’s royalty, shipping and consulting fees.
  We will discuss your project and budget with you and then provide a quote.

VOICES OF THE EARTH images can be licensed.  Licensing fees will be determined based on distribution, media, type of use, volume, size, and length of use. Please inquire.

sea clam, healing environments, healthcare fine art, sustainable green design, experiential design, environmental psychology, biophilia, biomimicyFine Art Prints
VOICES OF THE EARTH images are available for purchase as unframed, signed, fine art giclée prints on specialized watercolor paper, printed with superior grade inks. Our prints are archival museum quality.

Product Care
Each product will be delivered with specific handling and cleaning instructions which must be followed precisely to ensure the product’s anticipated longevity.  Product longevity varies with each media.  We work with our clients to select the media, materials and reproduction processes appropriate for their intended use.

All images on this website are the copyrighted intellectual property of Robin Acker Bush/VOICES OF THE EARTH or various artists as indicated and are protected by United States and International copyright laws. These images may not legally be copied, reproduced, published, transmitted, manipulated, projected, stored, used as the basis for another image or product in any media, or altered in any way without written permission from Robin Acker Bush.

We are committed to protecting the copyright laws of these images and will take legal action to enforce them. Copyright infringement will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


All Voices of the Earth inspirational fine art nature photography ©2013 Robin Acker Bush / Voices of the Earth or various artists as indicated.  All rights reserved.